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abSoLUte beginner LeveL
This classification refers to a line dance routine that is choreographed to suit those who have had absolutely no previous dance experience.
The routines will contain a short sequence of easy steps (Standing Steps e.g. touches, sways, heel digs, kicks, stomps etc.) plus easy Travelling Steps e.g. forward, backwards, sideways).
Generally at this level choreography should be without syncopations, tags, restarts and would have no more than one turn - perhaps one 1/4 or one 1/2 turn. They will be moderately paced and use a strong 4/4 beat or 3/4 beat. Ideally they would have no more than 16 counts although some routines with mirror image steps may increase the count without increasing the steps used.
An AB routine will give a very basic understanding of how to dance different steps to different music. Those absolutely new to dancing should be able to perform an AB routine after brief instructions without stress or panic. It is at this stage that correct dance terminology and dance floor etiquette should be introduced.
beginner LeveL
This classification is referring to a line dance routine that will build upon the skills learned at the Absolute Beginner level. Routines will be suitable for those who have some previous dance experience.
Beginner level choreography will introduce additional step patterns and may use up to two turns for example two 1/4 pivot turns in sequence or two 1/4 turns at the end of a travelling pattern e.g. chasse or grapevine. Routines may also include different rhythms like Waltz or Cha Cha and the tempos may range from slow to moderate. Routines at this level will show how different steps flow one into the other and provide some basic styling principles - looking up and body posture.
At this stage, cross body movement such as cross rocks and weaves could be introduced. Generally dance routines at this level would not be more than 32 - 48 counts but may contain more than one direction change as in two 1/2 turns in opposite directions.
Routines will use different rhythms and dancers should begin to feel the music and gain self confidence.
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